January 23, 2023


Dear Diary,

Its about Saturday, when my entire city went to watch Ind vs NZ live, the first ODI match, I chose to stay away from the crowd and read some love story and the only option available was "Write me a love story" and I wanted to read it as well  because I bought it 2years back when it was launched and I read some part of it that time only so I thought to finish it. And ofcourse, it was from my fav author. I just loved it, it brought smile on my face and I was like yes this is what I want and I should  start reading more romantic fictions once again, I just love the way male protagonists love their female protagonists.

Well something more happened yesterday and day before yesterday but not important to write here or simply I don't want to write about it.

Some lines from the novel-

You see, love doesn't understand age difference or whether someone is already taken or not. It just happens.

I understand it may not be a love story that would transform into a relationship, but you can't deny the existence of love there.

The heart has its own way of inviting disasters.

Humans! How they let feelings overpower logic.

And many more such beautiful statements which I forgot to highlight while reading. 

And yesterday night I was quite drunk and today I cooked chicken, I cooked it differently this time, I mean different from the usual way I cook but it turned out to be tasty.