December 05, 2022: I got myself a Disney prince and Imma dance with him while I can.


So this is what walking on air with one toe lightly dipped in reality feels like. 

I just had my second date with Panther.
Guess who's walking on sunshine and into hell because I'm way past my curfew time. I'm dancing into a lion's den with with a wide grin on my face and love in my bones. 

Once again, we just sat on a bench and laughed and talked till the sun went down. The comfort level had gone up by 50 percent. I love how he pauses our conversation because his corner eye had caught a sparrow that had to he had to capture. 

"When are we meeting next?," he asked as the doors of the metro slip open.
I was in such a trance that I fumbled for words. "Ermmmmm, soon," I managed.
I brought him a huge chocolate cookie from Subway. He loved it. 

When we were leaving, I got us coffee.
And we forgot to check for sugar :) 

Best part? He's here till February :) 
But he's still leaving. 
But that's okay. I'm not going to give this up just because it won't last. I really like him. And he might like me too.

I'll think of it like a dream.
A dream I wish never ends.
But that's now how dreams work, right?