[Nov 21, 2022] he knows I guess👀😳


Dear Diary,

Yesterday was sunday I went to temple and saw KK he was infront this time and he was helping in serving I was excited wanted to record video but I couldn't so I gave my phone to my frnd told her to take a video I want to make reel lol so she did. Video came out good he was clear in that video but the thing I saw is 😭😭 He saw the video I mean he looked at the camera and then smirked lmao I WHEEZED while wtaching the video JDVSHSBSJSSKKKKJJJ 

He knows 😭😭 obviously because the one taking video (my frnd Ruchi) she is always with me😭😭 I cannot forget his smirk/smile whatever that was...more like he was about to laugh but he controlled himself😭😭😂😂😂.

But I cant control smiling and laughing after watching that video😭😭😂😂