November 17, 2022 •13•


Welll hello again, today we had pe and it was a swimming lesson which i hate like I don’t hate swimming but i hate swimming with school :/
For the rest not much hm let me think cuz I don’t wanne leave this page so empty..
Well i studied *woww* em my biology and chemie teacher was sick or whatever so that was 2 hours of doing exercises.. i played genshin ofc, i had an argument with my sis- but that was just her not understanding what i was saying to her-
I fixed bo’s (friend) jean and yea a bit so now she can stop complaining about them not healing/doing dmg enough-
I cant remember anything else thats a bit interesting :‹
Ill update this if I remember anything ig its prob not gonna be anything cuz I’m gonna go to sleep