September 21, 2022


Dear ghost,
One stumble and rest is all downhill. It would feel miserable. It would feel like a lie. It's so simple they said. But your eyes don't lie or so you believe. My eyes only saw my bruise and scared of the stumble, just walked downhill. So I fell, 
                                 and fall. 
My feet knows no way to run, walk or crawl uphill. If only I could.

But you... I want you to be different. I hope for you to ever shine with your darkness. As you stumble on that rugged pebble, I desire for you to wipe the dust clinging on your skin and stand even as you shiver a little. I wish for you to forget the spiral in your head. I need you to find the best of this world. But dear, I can't- believe me I want to, more than anyone- but I can't answer you. I have no answer. No, I don't think it will go away. Your shadow is stitched to you. If only I could rip you apart from it. I wish you were happy. I wish for your happiness.

Your figment of imagination.