September 20, 2022


Dear Diary,

It was a weird day for me, I wasn't well today I mean, I was not fine, then fine, then again not fine and so on.

I listened to some podcasts of Gaur Gopal Das, I always likes what he teaches and it really helped me but again I was there, so I watched more of his videos.

According to him, feeling sad, depressed, loneliness or anything, this is the first stage of healing and it's completely normal to feel any of these emotions and releasing those feelings is also fine as piling up inside can be more toxic. So until a time your mind will have these feelings and after that it will start responding to positive things. But until then until the time your mind is not ready, no motivation, nothing can help so let it be and feel and express whatever you're feeling.

I ordered noodles for which I was craving for a long time, after Indian cuisine, I just love Chinese food, maybe not authentic Chinese food but yup Indo Chinese type.
In the evening I went for a walk in a park, the park nearest to me is only for ladies so I didn't go there. But the park I went to there comes old age people and not so good boys.
So tomorrow I will go to the bigger one. I hate couples sitting in parks.

While returning home, I had one coconut water and purchased some of the vegetables after so long and weather was so nice at that time. 
As soon as I reached near my building, it started raining heavily. It made me happy, the wind and the rain.

I cooked dinner today, chicken keema, now I am drinking tea and sleeping.

I have started reading again but this time I have switched from romantic fiction to self help and spiritual books.
I have ordered 2, I will tell about it when it arrives, it will surely help me to deal with my present, yaa sometime back I created an account on aisle to find a friend maybe, see if I get interest in this or am I going to delete it within a day, but it's better than all other apps.

Have a happy night and sound sleep. 🤗