Toilet Seat


I dreamt that I bought a toilet seat with a basketball hoop attached to the back of the cover… In reality, it's awfully uncomfortable sitting down and having to crouch at the same time because of the hoop behind you but in the dream, it made perfect sense to me and I was even so excited to buy it. Unless perhaps sitting down is not the proper way to use it.. Maybe you have to shit on your hand or something and then shoot the poop from a distance all the way through the hoop and have it land into the bowl .. That's gotta be how it's made for otherwise it just won't make any sense.

On a completely different note, I found out that Erwin's last girlfriend is a friend of Patch's older sister whom I met four years ago when the guy took me to his hometown and introduced me to his family. I know it's a "small world" coincidence but, err.. I don't particularly like this one. Anything that's associated with Patch just gives me a weird.. vibration. I wonder if the sister knows of Erwin, too ..

Speaking of Erwin, I want to break up with him.