May 12, 2022 MOON


Dear Diary,

"The moon is friend for lonesome to talk to. " ~Carl Sandburg 

My obsession for moon somewhat I can't describe, although I couldn't take good pictures these days as mostly I am not here and when I go to terrace after it's dark. 

Hii, No sort of unusual things happened today. Mood was okay, productivity was 10%, workout zero.

Same, eat, sleep, repeat. Yup I was searching for SAP courses but after doing that too I will not get high paying job at the start, so I thought I will do that but before that I will go through digital marketing lectures again to refresh things and apply for internship kind of jobs and I will complete that graphics l designing course too and purchase subscription of any good editing app 

Rest main focus is on mba and assignments these days but I am not doing that only. Tomorrow I will be traveling,.