May 12, 2022


 i have this problem where I get really upset when people worry too much about me, I cant control it. its like why waste your energy worrying about me when you can be happy instead, so i never tell anyone about the type of thoughts i have its so much easier to just smile and help everyone else be happy instead its just that, if everyone knew about it they wouldn't treat me the same anymore.. like whenever i'm not smiling everyone would worry about me and ask me what's wrong, i just want everyone to be happy thats the most important thing to me and letting people look inside my head doesn't bring happiness to anyone,  i'm so worthless.. i'm worthless and everyone would be better off without me, i'm just an inconvenience to everyone i'm not good at anything and, it just feels like everyone has to put up with me and i hate it.. I HATE IT I DONT WANNA HAVE THESE THOUGHTS I WANT THEM TO GO AWAY AND NOW IM MAKING PEOPLE PUT UP WITH ME AND I JUST WANNA DIE.