May 11, 2022 #172


Dear Diary, could you hear me about my work and other than work? 

I currently have just 3 days a week work. It’s part time. Yes, after my graduation. I can be seen pity from the eyes of social standard. 

But it’s actually good for both my health and mind. I can’t think of money now. Health first… right? … right? 

The things I do is basically a counter work for students, a teacher’s assistant job for particular classes, and other small tasks for so called the  language learning village of the institute. 

My friends has a full time  job and encounter difficulties as baby business person. 

On the other hand, I do my part time job. The difficulty of the job suits me though, I don’t need to compare myself to others though, I am worrying about my future again tonight. I was doing good to do not think about it and focus on my health state but I am feeling a little low tonight. Yeah just as much as other persons do so no worry. 

What does make me feel like this? That’s my carelessness. Every time I have to close the facility, I always forget something. Ex, forget to clock out, forget to turn off lights, forget to powere off the copiers. 

I thought last time I did good, so definitely shocked by myself this morning. It’s not about security matter so my supervisor said it is okay but… I myself was like AGaiN!?!!?? instead of her. 

Wait how did she know that I forget to turn off the copiers? Someone must have told her after found that. I can not be that careful.

Anyways I am making check lists on the note app. I hope it helps me. But just one thing, it won’t work if there is another person to open and close the facility.