Life update


Dear Diary, 

     Been a long time since I've written here. Life got busy. But things are still the same. Its been a year since I left you and I'm ok with it. 

I'm still taking Korean classes and I'm really enjoying them and the people I have met. Maybe one day I can travel to Seoul.I hope to one day see Namsan Tower, Its beautiful especially at night. We will see where the road leads. So far not to bad. 

My girls are doing really well! V has mantanied A/B honor roll all year long! She hasn't done that since elementary school. She only has a few months left here and then she will start her new journey in college. Not sure I'm really ready to be an empty nester... As for D she's still doing well, everyday is different but she's getting by. Lots of her patients remind her of her dad because she gets a lot of addicts. It has brought her some healing. She's able to share her testimony and show them how their kids feel, since she's been through it .Soon she should be starting nursing school. So all in all my babies are good and I couldn't be more proud of them .

Well hopefully I will start picking this back up. Ive always loved to write . So we will see. Next entry will be about you ! See you next time !