Lake & Pebbles


[ENTRY 76..✍️]

My love for him is like a quiet and placid lake. Peaceful, calm, tranquil... I know not the depth of its coverage, but I only feel it when disturbed by a throw of a pebble. And like the ripple the stone makes when it hits the water, my own heartache a while ago has only been transient. After a short time, it's serene again, to the point that sometimes, it tricks me into believing it's no longer there with its silence. I don't know how many pebbles there are left that can stir the quiescent of this place, but at least now, my feelings for him have somewhat become clearer with this analogy. So the next time I feel a pang in my chest again, it means a pebble has been thrown into my lake of affection for him. And whether the water is still rising or slowly drying up, time will tell :)