13. Haircut gone wrong!


I wanted to get layers done from my shoulder blade to my mid back or a little above the mid back. I guess I didn’t articulate my request clearly. The old lady, who happened to be my stylist yesterday because the person whom I made appointment with was away since she had flu/ covid symptoms. She texted me about it. I wanted to get my hair done nonetheless.  

The old lady, cut my hair from where I mentioned I wanted the first layer. My supposed first layer became the last layer. I asked for short layers, my bad. She cut from crown of my head with layers. 

It’s kinda short now. I didn’t throw any tantrum or show the burning fire at my heart when I said “ Thank you, it’s pretty”, while leaving. 

It’s kinda short but I like it. Feels so light on my head. Easy to maintain. I’m worried about after the hair wash look of it and I’m not able to make a decent ponytail. 

I’m considering it as a New year, New me change. 

P. S- My 13th post happened to be on 13th day. 😄🤪