January 03, 2022 #143


Dear Diary, I decided this month’s 30 days challenge! Which is to have a nice morning time everyday. Well it means… after whatever time (It can be 6am but it maybe 13pm) I get off my bed, I will open up curtain and make bed cleanly enough and fold pjs… splash water on my face and drink warm water and so yeah…! It does’t have to be perfect but it does have to feel nice when I say “I finish todays morning tasks!” 

It was difficult to decide what to do for this month. I wanted to set “wake up early” but it’s not suit for this challenge. Because it would be 1 or 0, up early or not. It is no good. It should be like zero or Okay. Make the goal small enough. Better than nothing. 

And I hope this new habit I try to establish leads me to like spend morning time and gradually to wake up early enough.