December 21, 2021 #131


Dear Diary, I struggled to get off my bed this morning. But I promised with myself to start to walk by noon so yep I left my home at 11:40 and then hit the road. My mom was angry and sad and still is because I didn’t show up in the morning… she thinks I sleep like 12hs but it’s not collect. I just can’t get off my bed. 

Umm and yeah the walk was nice. I made more than 7k steps. Today was a such a lovely weather so I wanted to stay under the sun as longer as I could. (And mom was angry at home. Because of me. ) I bought lunch and a bottle of hot jasmine tea then visited a park. I didn’t expected that I appreciate my decision. I thought it was gonna be actually a pity picnic. I even sang like “Picnic, I’m having picnic with myself alone. Picnic for 4 people, picnic for 3 people, picnic for two people, so why not call this picnic even when I am alone?”

But I really enjoyed the picnic, thanks for the lovely sunny weather. It was so warm when I was eating, soaking the sun.