My Language Partner


[ENTRY 66..✍️]

So.. in continuance of my previous post, somebody resurfaced on my Telegram inbox. Nah, not Chace. Although we actually talked again after that "I see you" incident. He even flirted with me. Whether or not he still has a girlfriend, I don't know. I never asked. Perhaps I'll share how our conversation went one of these days. For now, let's talk about this other guy. Another French whom we shall call Mathieu.

What's up with me and French men, you ask? It's more about the language, I'd say. I'm still trying to improve my spoken French and Mathieu was my language partner. But I quit on him just a little before I made an account here, so.. around August.

However, two nights ago, I received a message from him on Telegram around nine in the evening. But I only knew of it two hours later because I was out with my younger sister (it was the night momma was here). Although we never met in person, we kind of had a "thing" before. Only, our attraction and connection never went past the surface level so I don't really care much. By that, I mean his text didn't make my heart beat like a maniac.

[Some texts below are translated from French.]

Me: "Bebo. What's up?"
Him: "What's up? You had disappeared."
Me: "I never did. I'm always here."
Him: "Why you didn't send a message? Just fuck you."
Me: "I missed you, too. Haha."
Him: "No, no, no. You didn't miss me."
Me: "I did. I just did it silently."
Him: "Lying is bad."
Me: "I'm not lying."
Him: "Hmmm. Why you didn't sent message?"
Me: "I didn't want to bother you."
Him: "You never bothered me."
Me: "Aww, but you always seemed so busy."
Him: "I’m busy but I can speak with you :’) I have to learn English 😂"
Me: "Hahaha. You still have HelloTalk, non?"

[HelloTalk is a language app where he and I met.]

Him: "Yes, I have, but I don't use that."
Me: "Mais pourquoi? You have a lot to speak with over there."
Him: "I never spoke anyone there again 😂"
Me: "Bakaaa. Why?? If only I weren't banned, I would've still been using it."
Him: "Because I just wanted speak with you. I like you."
Me: "Lying is bad."
Him: "I'm not lying. It's true! And correct me. My English is still bad 😂"
Me: "How about you write a journal. Journal intime."
Him: "What? Why? 😂"
Me: "It's good practice. You can talk about your day, about yourself.. or anything. Then you send it to me and I correct you."
Him: "Ooh. You are right! But my days are so bored at the moment."
Me: "Boring*"
Him: "Oh yes, boring. Fuck me."
Me: "Hahaha. You have a lot of time to write, then. Just write about anything. Your favourite sports, flowers, your childhood.."
Him: "Flowers 😭😂"
Me: "What, men can't like flowers now?"
Him: "Yes, but it's weird."
Me: "Not at all. Send me your diary entry tomorrow. Must be at least 150 words. But instead of writing `Dear Diary`, write `Dear Bliss`... 😂"
Him: "Dear Bliss, today I dreamed to you..."
Me: "Of*"
Him: "Oh, yes. It's `of` 😭 Just fuck me so much!"
Me: "Oui. Fuck you. Go jump off a cliff. You're terrible."
Him: "Nooo. You're a monster!"
Me: "Just a joke, mon amour."
Him: "Ooh, `mon amour`... You're seducing me again 😳"
Me: "Oh, sorry. I meant `mon ami` (my friend)."
Him: "No, no, `me amor`."
Me: "Mi*"
Him: "I'm English! Not Spanish!"
Me: "`My love`, then."
Him: "Yes, but I'm confused! French, English, Spanish..."
Me: "HAHAHA. Nous sommes polyglottes."

Well, there you go. I really liked him before but it was mainly because I find his voice sexy (not to mention the goddamn accent) and, good lord…

His body.
His gorgeous, gorgeous.. body.

He's a bodybuilder, so... he's really hot. Even Chace said he looks "a little too good". At first, I thought he was a catfish, too, but he's legit. We used to call on video. And I was incredibly horny those times so we were sort of like, err, online fuck buddies. It was fun, but.. bah. Nothing still compares to real-life kisses and touches. Although thanks to all those phone sex, my dirty-talking skills have definitely improved. Lmfao.

Anyway, here we are now. Talking again. It's nothing big but at least there's still a boy in my life who feeds me affectionate words, whom I can be affectionate with as well, no matter how empty it all sounds. It's sad but on the brighter side, our relationship is educational.