Feeling Sexy


[ENTRY 53..✍]

I slept for 14 hours and woke up with a very flat stomach. I don't care if I'm so thin, I feel sexy. And don't worry, I've eaten now. I also just got out of the shower so I'm clean and fresh.

I lost the determination to work-out again, I guess for two months already. Not a surprise. The only consistent thing about me is being inconsistent. Sometimes, I convince myself I don't need to work-out because I already have a great figure, but it doesn't stop the guilt I feel at all. I mainly work-out because I'm unhealthy, the muscle enhancements would just be a bonus. Although I've never really seen any enhancements of my body because of working out.. I guess you could say I don't do it the proper way. For all I care, I don't follow a certain diet, I just eat whatever and whenever I want. Plus, I'm really lazy so I don't push myself that hard. I only move enough to make me sweat. Enough to subdue guilt.

I don't know when I'll find the motivation to be physically active again.. I want to say 'hopefully soon' but I'm so absorbed with other things for now. Nay, I'm just really lazy. 

Cara Dean texted if she could come over this Saturday.. Sometimes, it surprises me that I still have friends.

Excuse my vanity.