October 14, 2021


Dear Diary,

Hi MacBook Air laptop, I want you.

I always want to own one of you like really but then you are so expensive.

I think I might be getting you next year though like seriously my wish list is never-ending.

I also love typing stupid shit like these all days.

Maybe I want to be a writer? What do you think?

I love to read and I love to write

I love to discover myself and learning more about self-improvement, although most of the time it only appears that I am only reading but not putting great things I read into practice yet.

I also love typing in mean I would just buy a MacBook just to type shits in my head around, what do you think should I be buying a MacBook?

If I love typing then should I be a writer? A blogger?

Should I start a blog about how to improve oneself? Or like a page saying what do I learn about myself each day.

Like a getting to know me kind of thing.

Maybe this is also a part of discovering my passion I mean typing these is really fun.

Where would be the best place for me to post this?

Should I create a Facebook page called “Me”? Or like “More about me?”

Now I am typing on my sister’s MacBook though did not own one of mine yet as my first sentence suggested

Or like “The Diary of Myself and I”,

I want to write a book called “The Diary of Myself and I” !!!

How to become a writer? Shit. Maybe this is my passion.

Only 3 minutes seemed to have passed by since my first sentence. Okay but my English sucks so I’m not exactly sure that I can be a writer. I also don’t even have a name or degree in Literature or anything.

This is purely stupidly all about me.

Is anyone interested to hear more?

Who is reading this? I don’t know. Of course, you don’t know! You haven’t even posted yet idiot.

Hi there, you can call me "ammies" :)