October 12, 2021


Dear Diary,

I have come here, once again to lament for things never existed.

But I can't help it. 

After every few days, i feel it, i stop and i look at the time passing by and i feel i am loosing something, something is going away from me. 

I try to keep positive, look at good things in life (Honestly, i have a lot lottt of good things in life). But at times, i still feel like... like i don't have what i need. As rathna said, i think mostly it's because i don't have a dream right now. 

Like everything is either too difficult, or too worthless, or so less interesting that i don't feel like doing anything and life feels pointless. 

I know it, this isn't right of me to write about these things and just waste time, but i don't know what else i should do in this time, there are sooo many things i have to do, but everything is taking justtt tooooo much time, and i am unable to move anything. 

I remember my bday resolution, One thing at a time. I have to do that.