Kai Parker


[ENTRY 11..✍]

I had this dream written in my notes on the 15th of May this year and I'm going to copy-paste it here for it's going to be mentioned in the next entry I'll be posting.

Warning: this is another product of my heightened libido.

Kai Parker.

If you've watched The Vampire Diaries, you might know or have heard of that name. Because last night, I suddenly had a rather interesting dream about him.

We kissed.

I was aware he was a villain and a demented person, but.. I don't even know how it all began. All I know is that it happened twice. But I only remember the 2nd kiss.

I was walking the steps up a hill with my friend, Cara Dean, when I saw Kai up ahead at the landing. He was standing near the railing which overlooked a small village and the mountains that surrounded it. Having remembered that we had shared a kiss once, I came up to him rather fearlessly and kissed him. It had crossed my mind that he might push me away or something but, no.. he somehow allowed it considering his personality. He's a sociopath and I honestly didn't think his character is capable of having these urges haha. But in the dream, he kissed me back. He took over my initiation and placed his hands on both sides of my face, leading the pace. It was nice, slow and gentle, the kind of kiss you wouldn't expect from a bad guy. But.. the moment his lips started working onto mine, I found myself slowly sinking into it. Because it was extremely sensual. The way he'd slip his tongue in between my lips, finding its way through inside my mouth to search for mine.. so soft, patient... and warm. I almost didn't want to let go of it each time he'd pull it back. It was a really, really, and I mean really... good kiss. And it felt so real. With our lips still locked, he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, all the while taking a few steps back until his buttocks touched the railing. We went on kissing like that. He'd occasionally squeeze my butt and I wanted to squeeze his too so I tried to reach for it but I couldn't. I chuckled in between his lips and said, "I couldn't reach your butt." His chest vibrated from a soft laughter and I just focussed my hands onto his hair. Ugh. I was so turned on, truly. He really knew what to do with his tongue. That was like the best kiss to ever happen in my dream that when I woke up, it was as if I could still taste what he tasted like.

I wonder when I'll ever get to kiss someone again. I miss it. I'd absolutely kiss that person the same way Kai did to me in the dream.

While we were there engrossed in a long, passionate kiss, my friend Cara Dean was just waiting for me at the flight of steps below like some kind of weirdo.

(This is him, by the way.)