It's almost 10am. I didn't sleep last night.  Didn't even lay down actually but today I'm feeling good 🙂❤ Praise Jesus right?! Lol

Plans are tackling this laundry and cleaning this house!! Things always fall apart when I'm having struggles...  not going to lie,  the disaster of my house is super overwhelming but gotta start somewhere! 

Alexa + true crime podcasts all day!! Being productive again feels amazing.  My marriage, life, kids.. time to get everything back in order.  Mommas back baby 😎🥳

If anyone reads this & is obsessed with true crime like I am please comment some podcasts!! 

Lately I've been listening to Dateline, Vanished & crime junkies. Anything else out there? 

Hope everyone has a good day today! Remember breathe & you are SO strong 💪❤😉 

Time to get dirty...
Over & out