I needed space, I needed love, I needed time
And I never understood how you could treat me so heartless
Until I realized that you just needed mine
That's what I mean by "loving you never helps"
'Cause I just can't decide between loving you or myself
I just pushed away 'cause I drew a line and you crossed it
Crossing out my exes and ex-ing out all my loses, I know
What it's like to lose somebody you love
And I know what it's like to lose yourself to the drugs
And I know what it's like to have to let go of someone
'Cause they hurt you so bad that you're not the person you was
They won't ever feel what I feel
In a world so fake I just need something that's real
I've been dying to live, the devil's shooting to kill
I just can't help but wonder if you think of me still
See, I've been losing my mind
I've been losing everybody I believed in
Anxiety is suffocating me, I'm barely breathing
I'm coping with the pain
Hoping that the rain just stops 'cause it reminds me of the day you said you leaving
We always seem to run from those that love us the most
And we never open up because we scared to get close
We running from the past and we numb ourselves hoping that it lasts
Cause you left me when I needed you most

{Well if this song don't just fit my whole damn life}