September 15, 2021


Dear Diary,

Okay so I have not posted anything on my other social media account since August and it kinda feels good. My unwanted thoughts slowly fades away. 

I feel a lot better since I started to be more productive. I learned how to be more faster and use my time efficiently so that I will not cram anymore since the class started. I am now college and although I'm scared since I have four periods of math which is equivalent to six units plus the burden of other subjects, I still go in my way to trust myself and the process because I believe, the more the struggle, the more chances of succeeding. I'm so invested in my studies because I really wanted to graduate and support my family financially. 

Few more years and our lives would be so different. Right now I'm still focused on myself especially on my health. I tracked my weight and it is now on 43 kg thank God! I may still be malnourished and underweight, still, I am glad that I am progressing little by little. It may take a lot of time to achieve my ideal weight of 47 but I'm getting close. I just need 4 more kg. 

If I was the old me I would be shaking if I was in my situation right now, the pain and struggles made me the stronger and better me. I may be scared but I'll continue proving life that I am capable of learning, surviving and fighting against the trials. 

That's all for now. See ya!