Little Girl


[ENTRY 4..✍]

I joined my little sister in her workout and during the next set which focused on butt, my gosh, my legs couldn't handle it. I have such weak, tiny legs. I'm older than her but she's taller and bigger. People often mistaken I'm the youngest. I'm already an adult but one time, last year, during the highest peak of the pandemic, I went to the mall to grocery shop and they didn't let me in because they thought I was a minor. It was absolutely unfair. They asked for my ID but I didn't bring any because I thought it was okay. My little sister, who usually did the grocery shopping when the restrictions were made (she could carry more items being the strongest), didn't need any identification card even when she was only 17. Out of all the customers lining up that day, I was the only one they asked all because I seemed a little too young. Maybe it also had something to do with what I was wearing but they should've asked EVERYONE because when done to only one person, it's discrimination. I argued with the guards for a bit but why would a "little girl" have a say in anything? In the end, I just went to the other mall which was just across the street. That one wasn't very strict. But still, though. I kinda held a little grudge about what happened because not only did I feel insulted but also because I wasted my time falling in line. So the next time I went there, I dressed up to see if "pretty privilege" would apply to me and guess what? There was like the LONGEST LINE I had ever seen outside that same mall last year and me, wearing a dress that hugged my curves, casually strutted up inside in a pair of high heels acting as though I didn't know the rules nor what the line was all about—just GOT IN FREELY.

As in NOBODY freaking called me out.

Could you believe them? For a moment I thought maybe I became invisible for 5 seconds because even the people lining up didn't say anything about it. Or maybe they did but I was already out of earshot to hear anything. I waited for a voice to say, "Hey.. Excuse me, miss..!"—but, nada. I felt a little guilty having seen the quantity of people standing and lining up for their turn but then I remembered when I was treated unfairly, so.. Behind my mask, the corner of my lips could only twitch into a smirk.