August 25, 2021


Dear Diary, it's too early, or maybe not, but I feel the urge to prepare for my role in my family's plan. What I thought most likely not going to happen, now it seems more likely to happen. I like to plan ahead and prepare, it helps most of the time, especially because big change happens often in my life. For sure it's not going to happen this year, if it happens at all, but time flies fast. 

I am really not looking forward to more responsibility, but family is family and it's very rare they trust me with a responsibility this big. In the past I always managed to dodge what they threw at me, this time though it's different. I am different. I have to be, otherwise I won't be able to keep up. 

Really at my age now I just want a simple quiet life with as little change as possible, yet what's happening is the other way around. People always say I don't look my age, but looks deceive most of the time anyway. I can feel more big changes are coming, clearly they don't happen every 5-6 yrs anymore. It's no longer about accepting it, it's about being prepared for it.