It's raining and uh the guy ( LX ) next to me is all I want during this time . We are here along with three other classmates ( this is our friend circle - me {XS} , LX , WW, ZY , YQ and HM ; YQ is my roommate and other three are LX's roommates. HM is sick so he didn't accompany us today.He is not our roommate but is close to each one of us.) in the library and its so calm . Currently I ditched my academic book and am reading a Novel . LX is reviewing at the moment and the other three , well I don't pay attention to them . I am a carefree guy who only pays attention to LX . 

Last year , i remember it was raining just like this and i spent all my time sleeping in the classroom . I got severely hit by a book by my classmate . Turns out this classmate is LX. I remember I nearly kicked his seat , I wasn't that interested in him that time but now if I could go back in time , I would ask him to hit me a bit more . 

We had a bro-bro kind of aura but these days because of me , it's feeling like --- I got a heartache .

He spends time with me the same way he does with other four but I grab him and take him somewhere alone . He doesn't even complain . 

Like today at 9 O'clock when I punched ( friendly punch ) him , he ran after me chasing me all the way in the corridor of our dorms . 

It felt good . Really good .

He even said , " I am not buying you buns unless you come here and give me a piggyback.  " 

Could I refuse ? ....uh but he is heavy. ( * Dying internally *)

Anyways . Before he finds out I am writing about him sitting just beside him , I have to end this note . 

In short . I had a romantic homo morning . #hearteyes.