March 26, 2021 (5th public)


(: hiiii

Today is report day o-o
I hope I did okay🥺

My grandma isn't feeling well, so I am going to check her today, after closing assembly, and when mummy finishes cook.

The school's closing hymn made me nostalgic and reminded me of her ):
I miss her 
I wonder if she misses me 🥺

Also, today seems like it's gonna be a busy day💀

The car battery died, in car 1 
Car 2, is parked behind car 1.
Car 2 battery was already dead from before, so it was charging.

Car 2 is fully charged however there is no way to get to it because car 1 is dead uk 💀💀

I moving kinda off/cold with Princess and she gonna realize and call me out on it.

If we still getting to go and check grandma, I'm gonna wear purple (: 🥰