May it be Spartan or spacious


May it be Spartan or spacious, all baths have a thing in common- there is never enough space for storage. The center stage is usually taken by plumbing fixtures which leaves little room for BASIN WASTE WITH EXTENSIONPIPE all your potions and lotions. You might want to factor in turf wars among household members fighting for the same mirror and sink space, and you end up with a major organizational challenge. Just like any other activity intensive rooms, bathrooms require a refined and systematic plan when it comes to its storage.

Here are easy tips to help you organize this room according to the guidelines for bathroom storage and make use of domestic real estate.• A for daily use. Accessible, active and meant for everyday use- this is the definition of 'A' when it comes to storage areas. In your bathroom, the 'A' areas is where household members get shampoo bottles, razor, hairdryer and toothbrush.

This storage area must be user friendly and should welcome any groping hand with no concealed hazards even before the blind and poor shower taker inserts his contact lenses or find his glasses. Top drawers, hanging organizers and mesh buckets are all part of the 'A' areas.• B for occasional use. Items which are utilized weekly or monthly should be allocated with the 'B' areas. Hair scrunchies, nail care equipment, electronic beard trimmers and boxes of pore unclogging strips should be consigned to your 'B' areas. This area isn't easy to reach.

Household members will have to stretch or bend to reach the middle storage, toilet top cupboards and under sink spaces. Items for the 'B' storage are often accommodated in those labeled boxes behind its 'A' companions.• C for seldom usage. Areas that are labeled 'C' require excessive stretching, standing on tiptoe or bending. The area is home to bathroom items that are seldom used. It can be your storage area for those gold flecked makeup used in fancy night outs, your upper lip mustache cooker, or the foot massage machine.

If you use a certain bath item twice in a year or once in two to three months, then you can store them in areas where the sun does not shine.Organizing your personal care centersA good creative solution for a bathroom gridlock is to create 'centers' for your personal care items that makes it more convenient to outsource bath storage. When you are planning on a bathroom remodeling project in the coming months, make sure you plan your bath interior design according to the storage needs of your family. Assign each of your household members their own colored organizers or baskets for toiletries and cosmetics.

Hang lighted makeup mirrors in teenage girls' bedrooms. Assign each of your daughters their own makeup center to reduce early morning squabbling and it also provides additional space in the bathroom. This is good for your cosmetics too since they can stay fresh for longer periods of time and away from steam and heat.Make sure you inform your bathroom remodeling Los Angeles Company to install a health and first aid center that is accessible from the bathroom. This can also serve as your storage from OTC remedies, vitamins and prescription medicines to protect them from your bath's moisture and heat.