January 28, 2021


Today has not gone well.

As I said in my previous entry, I made a card for Da and sent it to Zazzle to print it. Before I went sleep this morning, I got an email from them saying they're rejecting in on the basis of copyright infringement. Ugh whatever.

When I got up to go pee before going to bed, I noticed that my stomach felt weird. I kind of felt like throwing up. The feeling was still there when I woke up. Defecating helped a little, but an amount of uncomfiness remained. Later, I did it again and I felt a lot better, but still, bad feelings in my belly.

Last night after I finished making Da's card, I decided I was going to make a local "website" on my laptop and list all of my entries from The Open Diary, just in case something ever happens to the app. 

After I remade Da's card in google slides, I spent the past couple hours (11pm-2am) uploading more entries to my laptop. I have everything from May and June 2020 on there now. 

I can't wait to get all of them on there and update it regularly (probably once a month since I rarely use my laptop). 

My stomach is still feeling bad right now and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. I hope I can get plenty of sleep tonight.

J usually comes over on Fridays but my parents went and got him today. He's worried about me being sick. He wanted me to put him to bed instead of my mom but I was busy in the bathroom at the time. I hope he sleeps all night so I can get some sleep. 

I bought J 7 pokemon figures and he loves them. He said they're all his favorite but honestly he says that about everyone pokemon I have, just about. 

He now has a Litten, Piplup, and Ponyta plush. He has a Litten figure from a McDonald's happy meal that shoots "fire." A while back I gave him a Squirtle and a Pikachu figure. And now he just got the following: (another) Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Eevee, Snubbull, Togepi, Charmander, and Charmeleon. I hope he plays with them. 

In addition to my stomach not feeling great, my back feels like it could use a good pop. It probably hurts after lying with Da on the floor mattress all day Wednesday (27th). 

I hope I start feeling better soon.