January 12, 2021


Dear Diary,

Two days ago I woke up with an amazing feeling of wellness, I usually wake up well but that day, It was utterly different.

Just before I woke up, I was dreaming of my back garden. Sat on a chair at home I was looking through the living room window, the grass outside seemed a little burnt, or rather yellowish, as if it hadn't been raining for a while, and there was a smell... So real

I thought there was a fire somewhere, but then I saw him.

The night before this dream I said to God "if you want me to go to the church tomorow wake me up pls because i'm really not feeling well "

I don't like to fake smiles when i'm sad so I just stay away from sights when I'm not well, except when I've got to work, you'll never notice how bad I'm feeling unless you spy on me when I'm behind shut doors.

The smoke  I was smelling in the dream finally wasn't a fire, It was God walking towards me, I must say that he caught me offguard because I'm not used to seeing him in my dreams.

 I always see his son usually, and with a normal human shape...

As soon as I saw him, I woke up full of energy as if I'd been awake for hours, and it was around 7am which is strange because when I go to bed at 2am I can't wake up before 10 or 11 without a clock on.

I finally was able to go to church and was feeling great, didn't even remember why I was sad the previous day.