January 11, 2021


Dear Diary. I had a turning point today man. I was cooking my food for the next two weeks and I had a thought. I was slipping again. Here I am in the kitchen and none of my main goals are being worked on. Don't get me wrong I am proud of myself for learning how to cook african food but I felt I was neglecting all my other goals.

So I thought to myself what is it that is holding me back? I'm living on my own for the first time and have my own car I should be learning a whole lot right now. What was it? And I think I have the answer, too much time spent on useless apps that I don't need. So I have decided to delete or deactivate all social media apps with the exception of snapchat. 

Even youtube is now gone that way I can focus on watching shows in French. No more Facebook or Instagram at least for several months. 

I also am getting used to not playing music or video on my phone and just doing activities silently. These social media apps can be toxic just like the news and I want no part of it. 

Now I'm back to my daily schedule of reading atlas shrugged, learning how to play the piano and guitar and learning french. All this after not sticking to the schedule for two days. I am glad I caught it early and took care of it. Now to get back to work!.