Dear Diary, No one takes me seriously. Online or in real life, no one. Online people try to be nice and help but they can't help and just leave. In real life everyone thinks I am always joking.

I am also a rude person. I know I am. I don't I will change that. I accept that people hate me but they are being just as bad as me when say some stuff.

I also have this strange issue I won't explain... if it is even an issue. I think it helps me cope with the real world though, or to stay alive. Maybe I would be dead if it wasn't for it. Everyday I just go on the internet and waste my time.

This "strange issue" helps me not be so lonely and maybe not so bored. I like this "strange issue" more than I like anybody else other than myself. It might be causing me to be more rude or hate people more.

I don't think it caused me to be rude. I think I am rude because I am rude. I don't know why it is so hard to find anybody with any "common sense". I don't know why it is so hard to find anybody who is even a little bit feeling what I am feeling.

This "strange issue" is something that is no illegal, that is hurting myself, or anything that bad. Just something I don't want to clarify what it is.