September 18, 2020


I'm quite overdue for an update. I did spend two days with Da in a hotel and it went well, but I've been too busy and too tired to write about it. Warning: adult content ahead.

Da retrieved me from my house on Monday, September 14th around noon. The first thing we did was go to a car wash place and vacuum a good bit of his car. It looks much better now than the first time I rode in his car.

Afterwards, we went nextdoor and got some "snow cones" that were delicious. He got the flavor dubbed "superhero" (I don't remember which flavors that consisted of) and I got black cherry, which was amazing as always.

Next we went to my local supermarket to get an assortment of things including, but not limited to: cake, disposable plates and cutlery, water, and lube. 

Then, we finally got to the hotel. We unpacked and changed into our PJs and settled into bed to watch Pokemon Ranger and The Temple of the Sea while also waiting for our pizza to be delivered.

I can't exactly remember where in the timeline that this happened, before or after the movie and pizza, but I retrieved the keychain I bought for him at the beach last month and asked him if he remembered me saying something about buying him a gift at the beach. He said that he did remember. I gave him the keychain and quickly kissed him without giving him a chance to react. His first kiss.

He said it was perfect and he loved it. 

Sometime after the movie, we started making out and I showed him my boobs. I greatly enjoyed the look of amazement and lust on his face. I enjoyed his attention. 

And we had sex. I took his virginity. It was a great time. It was great, but not enough to make me cum, although he did. He fingered me afterwards and right as I started to cum, I started squirting, which surprised him and he quickly removed his fingers, cutting my orgasm short. It kinda sucked having it cut short, but his reaction was hilarious, so I wasn't upset. 

We took a shower afterwards and watched a few episodes of Steven Universe together. I fell asleep after at least 3 episodes and he went on to watch at least 8 more.

On the morning of Tuesday, September 15th, we left the hotel to get breakfast and came back and watched Steven Universe for a long ass time. By the end of the night, he said he had the theme song stuck in his head. 💕

Another event that I can't remember where it falls in the timeline is when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course, I said yes. This definitely occurred before our second sexual encounter.

After we finished the first season, I initiated his second sexual experience. 

This time was different. I was riding him and I came close to orgasm at least twice during sex. Something that I found strange happened: normally when I ride on top, my hips will "pop" with each thrust and it's incredibly uncomfortable after a minute, but my hips didn't "pop" with him.

We took a shower afterwards and he fell asleep very quickly. I took a picture of him sleeping next to me and sent it to him.

Our last morning together was a struggle. We didn't want to get up, we wanted to cuddle. Also our necks and backs were hurting from the shitty hotel pillows. 

We tried to leave the hotel in time to get breakfast from my favorite fast food chain, but we got there as they switched to serving lunch.

We ate our food in his car in the parking lot of a pet store and went inside to look around afterwards.

Then we went to the nearest city to the north to look around at my favorite game store. I forgot how ridiculous the prices can be there and we left without buying anything. It's also worth noting that a little girl and a man I assume is her father were there looking at plushies. He found a Dedenne and called it Raichu. I looked over and saw it was a Dedenne but didn't know how to pronounce it's name so I asked Da and then told the pair its name. Later, they found a Gengar and the little girl couldn't remember its name either. She was thinking it started with a V. I told her its Gengar. I found it hilarious how we could hear her around the store saying, "wow this stuff is so expensive," and, "it's so cute I want it." Da and I agreed that she is me. Lol

We left and spent hours in a hobby/art store where I spent a lot of money on stuff that I don't need and my nephew J doesn't need. 

Then we went to my favorite frozen yogurt place which was another first for him. He loved it. It was nice eating froyo with him.

Finally we went to go get doughnuts to bring home to my family. Those doughnuts were left untouched for two days until I ate some this morning.

On the way home, I played some Owl City songs on my phone, starting with Fireflies, and he said he enjoyed the songs I played. I fucking loved singing Fireflies with him. He sang with me! It made me very happy. He didn't know any of the other OC songs I played, though, but I happily sang them to him.

When we finally got to my house, he got to meet J for the first time. J gave Da lovins without even knowing Da's name yet. It wasn't long until J was showing Da his multitude of hot wheels cars. 

Eventually we decided to get our 3DS's out and finish getting the legendaries from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I sent all of my Pokemon to the pokebank and gave him my OR cartridge. I was pretty upset about not being able to transfer Cosplay Pikachu to the pokebank even after removing the costume. 

Then he had to go. It was really hard to let him go. It was really hard to have him at my house in general and not being able to cuddle him. But it's my grandma's house and therefore her rules I guess. 🙄

The next day/yesterday, September 17th, I spent about 4 hours getting my hair cut and bleached below my ears. It's nice having shorter hair again. It's shoulder length. 

I pre-ordered the Super Mario 3D All-stars game (digital) yesterday and today I bought Let's Go, Eevee! and Super Mario Odyssey (hard copies, will arrive by the 23rd, so it says). 

Also, Da is lending me his copy of Pokemon X, so that's the next game we are playing together in the Pokemon series. 

I can't wait to see Da again. His days off are Sunday and Monday so it'll be soon. 💕