May 22, 2020


Dear Diary,I found it unexplainable to me what I received before going to bed; totally failed to interpret the words .To sum up the whole message I got, my friend's birthday is by the end of the month, and as usual some of our friends suggested a gathering to celebrate the birthday and that was totally understandable to me, but what my brain cells failed to understand is why would we bring a present that costs 1200 pounds or above !! Not only that but also to ship it from America !! I couldn't get it if it's only me who finds it weird, but I now understand what human rights movement is grumbling about . It's not about money as more as it's a matter of principle. Who would pay all of that ? And why ? My mind suddenly found that it's irresistible not to be selfish abit, why I don't receive such things ? Is that related to human nature as people tend to take more than give or maybe some souls are rude enough to ask you what to get them in their birthdays ? Unanswered questions about this matter, but again I found myself observing the whole situation and other opinions . Can't blame me on thinking that way as the definition of a birthday party to me is " trap"; they created the whole idea to empty your pocket in a polite way without making it seem awkward to rape your wallet

P.s : Dear reader, if anyone invited you to any kind of gatherings that contain cakes and gifts ... run just run for your life .