March 23, 2020


I'm back after so many months with a random new name. I came here without login just see what others are feeling right now. And felt like i should also write something .To write i had to login and unfortunately i forgot my password and also lost the previous email . This was my another account which i cant even remember when i created it. After so many attempt i got the 2nd one back

I'm not well I'm sick i had fever but not corona because i dont go outside much. My body is still so weak . I want to be fit as soon as possible. Bacause that fucking shity weakness is affecting my studies. I'm feeling dizzy and sleepy because of antibiotics intake.

I'm scared too about corona. Most of the places are closed.

Some people are too careless. Corona is spreading more rapidly   

I'm worried about my family  

One of our neighbour came home from foreign contry and another one came home from a state. I'm scared of them . Hpe all corona patient get well soon.

Feeling little frustrated because of my mother . She wants me to get married. But I'm not ready yet. She supports me but sometimes she acts weird . Forget it. Afterall nobody can force me.

I'm so angry with pixelberry. What the fuck they think about themselves

I waited whole week saved all diamonds just to read a single story and this week they made that story so boring. Thet are playing with our emotions. They are not even revealing the name of that person who died in the beginning

My fav couple's video song gonna release tomorrow at sharp 12 PM. Can't wait to see it. Very much excited.

Anyway bye for now hope we will meet soon. And this time im gonna write down my paswrd in a notebook.