January 13, 2020


Dear Diary,

Well I decided to start writing some of my thoughts down. I thought maybe it would help to tell some of what is going on.could help me, could help someone else. I’m sure some may be sad, dark, deep, light, inspiring, or funny but all will be real. 

Today has been a heller of a day. My oldest daughter (24) went to court today to get a divorce. Married 4 years and her husband was stationed in South Korea being in May 2019. He found him an Asian girlfriend and cut my daughter off financially even though he was receiving the extra income for being married and the housing allowance for a home for her in Kansas. He blocked her on social media and phone and texts. Yea, he’s a real piece of &@$). This all started about September but she never mentioned any of it til around thanksgiving because she was being evicted and moving back to wv to live with us. So needless to say she has nothing but her animals right now and living with mommy again. But he got stuck with the outstanding debt and she got to keep her Jeep. Now she needs a job and house but one thing at a time. 

While we were at the court house I had to go turn in papers for my sons estate so it can be published and closed. Yes I had to open an estate for my 16 year old (well now he would be 17) son, who was a minor and did not own anything but to get the life insurance or anything done legally this has to be done.  No wonder it is so hard to grieve a death with all the hoops you have to jump through. I still have the papers to turn in for my dad, which passed on Father’s Day six weeks before my son killed. 

After writing all this down and seeing what an emotional day I had it’s no wonder I’m in a foul mood this evening