Holyandnew's Dear Diary

September 18, 2023
Dear Diary, i mentioned to my grandma how i have trouble focusing on things and keeping track of time and she replied that she found out last week she's had ADHD her entire life without knowing (she's 60 now). i've been considering the same for
Sep 18
September 14, 2023
Dear Diary, Loneliness is killing me. I always push people away or ignore them but I don't know what to do without them. Even when I keep them away I know I can always go back to them when I need to. But now it's just me. What now? I got tw
Sep 14
September 08, 2023
Dear Diary, this new friends thing was, by and large, a mistake, and i got myself out as soon as i recognized that. to be perfectly honest with you i joined in with a bad crowd of people who didn't want my friendship for good reasons. while
Sep 08
September 06, 2023
Dear Diary, i had some difficulties, but i went out of my way to make some new friends recently and its really gone well for me. i'm very happy about it. people like me!! i know i'm stepping into a very fast and insecure social scene, and t
Sep 06
September 04, 2023
Dear Diary, i've noticed all my entries are so damn negative. in the long run keeping a diary is probably just gonna make me feel bad if i only dwell on what's wrong with my life every day. so from now on i think i'm gonna try to include at lea
Sep 05
September 04, 2023
Dear Diary,  i need a new outlet, or a change of habits. i've only got a handful of friends to talk to now so i've quit most social media, but i've also got nowhere to post all my thoughts and post the kind of things that i would normally post on
Sep 04
September 03, 2023
Dear Diary, i don’t know what’s happening to me honestly. dwelling more and more on the person i am i feel like a monster. if i’m being honest this is the second time i’ve lost almost all my friends at once and it’s only marginally my choice
Sep 03
September 01, 2023
Dear Diary, work was brutal tonight. we were understaffed as always. lumbered around like a zombie for the last hour. head is aching something fierce. back is in shambles, feet feel like they got run over. miss katie. i love her always,
Sep 02
August 31, 2023
Dear Diary, everything is sore, the bottom of my lungs feel heavy, the pit in my stomach is stirring, and i have no reason to get out of bed today- no work, no school, friends are away, no community to go back to, no games i like to play, no ho
Aug 31
August 31, 2023
Dear Diary, got a message from one of my other friends: i think you're gross by the way. have some respect. bye. it hurt, and then i reminded myself i already lost katie. if i can let go of katie i can let go of everything else in my entire
Aug 31
August 30, 2023
Dear Diary, i parted ways with my best friend yesterday. i think she might be the only person i've ever completely loved. i don't think it's physically possible for me to be upset with her anymore. when she told me she wanted to end things,
Aug 30