Bubblebreez's Dear Diary

May 24, 2023 FROZEN 3:Out now
Dear Amaru, when I say today was frozen af, I mean it. There was thick fog at school at around 08:00. Was locked out of our classroom in the fucking cold due to some incompetent teacher taking the keys and deciding to come late. This caused us to mis
May 24
May 23, 2023
Dear Amaru, today was OK, I guess. Attended as usual. During HM, Dawn tried advising me to make a study timetable cos we're writing. Good advice, the only problem is ME. Honestly, IDK what to do with myself at this rate. Katalea(you know, the Kalesi
May 23
May 22, 2023
Dear Amaru,I don't know how to feel about today. Early in the morning, my shitty classmate Kaleti what what(obviously nhrn) talked shit about me during morning study. The mf just has a beef with me which I simply don't understand. The teachers called
May 22
May 20, 2023
Dear Amaru, I don't know how I feel about today. Finished season 2 of Bojack Horseman and have started season 3. I'm contemplating whether I should tell my counselor about my make believe problems or not on Monday. Here's the thing: If I yap, I'll be
May 20
May 19, 2023 More ranting about my looks, now that I've become shallower
Dear Amaru,fuck the earlier entry. Today SUCKED. I realized that I got 1000x fatter in a span of less than 24 hours. Like, how the fuck does my body do this all the time?! The worst part is, I became fatter despite me eating only ONE small meal, thro
May 20
May 18, 2023 Two hecks of sick days🤷‍♀️
Dear Amaru, Long time no see. Anyways, yesterday I got into shark week🦈🦈 which means horrid cramps, smelling like blood 24/7, anxiety over having a bright, red blotch on my backside. Unfortunately for me, my shark week has an unpleasant cherry on
May 19
January 19, 2023
Dear Amaru, yesterday was chill. Mom borrowed the phone for a little while. While I'm still waiting for it, I realized that she had taken the and the burden on my shoulder. You see, I got friend requests from people who somehow still see the good in
Jan 19
January 17, 2023
Dear Amaru, sorry for skipping 2 days of ignoring you for 2 days
Jan 17
January 15, 2023 one heck of a sick day
Dear Amaru, today was fine, except for the fact that I got a terrible stomach ache that caused me to spend half the day in the toilet.
Jan 15
January 14, 2023
Dear Amaru, Do you happen to know some people who can't read a hint? Oh, you know, the pople you dislike who don't leave you regardless of no matter how many times you ask them politely? I just happen to have someone like that who doesn't respect pri
Jan 14
January 12, 2023
Dear Amaru,  Today was chill. Visited my cousin Lisa(nhrn) and as a result, I got home late & couldn't exercise. Luckily for me, I learnt 2 things;1 Found out that I don't need to get my testimonials, JCE certificate and references. Therefore I will
Jan 12
January 11, 2023 a rant about my looks(cos I'm shallow lol)
Dear Amaru, today was fine. Went shopping with mom, bought new headsets, finished the prelogue, baked(ironically) and got a friend request from one of the ppl I've hurt. Dad forgot to buy the scale, but I got a rather rude reminder on why I do multip
Jan 11
January 11, 2023 a final rant about the world's worst disgrace to womanhood
Dear Amaru, I got bored so my brain decided to remind me of that narcissistic 🐕 again! (yay!). Tbh, that woman 😺ed up my life a lot. This is because she used as her mouthpiece at school, resulting in me becoming a narcissistic 🐕 like her, became h
Jan 10
January 10, 2023
Dear Amaru, things were fine, I guess. Went stationary shopping with my family and ate above 137 calories. Dad's buying a scale tomorrow so I'll be able to properly track my weight carefully. I also 😺ed up multiple times today leading me to question
Jan 10
January 10, 2023
Dear Amaru, yesterday Margie called me multiple times till I blocked the number she called me with. I just don't want to look back. I honestly don't know what exactly she wants cos I explicitly explained why I cut ties with her and the Ma'am.  He
Jan 10