Victoria Campos's Dear Diary

October 17, 2021
Dear Diary, Today I baked a simple tea cake. It's still in the oven though baking. Yesterday my family and I all slept in. Then we woke up and got ready for our family trip. We went to MacDonald's and had coffee and lunch there. There are still a f
Oct 17
October 15, 2021
Dear Diary, Today the weather is warm and sunny. Although it rained the whole week. Tomorrow my family and I are going on our first family outing in 3 months! Now that covid lockdown has finally ended. Tonight my mum is making chicken curry for din
Oct 15
October 13, 2021
Dear Diary, Today my A5 spiral notebook arrived in the mail.! Only it wasn't the pink mermaid notebook I had ordered.!on the package it said what I wanted. That inside was my mermaid notebook. But what I got was a purple unicorn notebook.! I think
Oct 13
October 12, 2021
Dear Diary, Today my mum and I got our first covid injection done! Our appointment was at 3:05 that was my mum who was getting her injection first. Then I was going to get mine at 3:25 pm. We had arrived at the doctor's early, so we sat on the benc
Oct 12
October 11, 2021
Dear Diary, Tomorrow my mum and I are going to the doctor's to get our first covid vaccination. You need to get two doses of the pfhiza or astrazenica vaccine to be able to get into certain shops and restaurants. You also need proof of vaccination.
Oct 11
October 11, 2021
Dear Diary, Today is freedom day ! When lockdown finally ends and everything reopens. Yay! On my first day of freedom day I have to go to the office of my teacher of the English course I'm studying- to drop of my workbooks and pick up the new one.
Oct 10
October 10, 2021
Dear Diary, Today the sky is grey and dark. My brother said it was going to rain until Wednesday this week. That means the postman won't deliver if it's raining heavily.  I might have to wait until Thursday to get my mermaid spiral notebook. I hope
Oct 10
October 09, 2021
Dear Diary, I was reading a book yesterday, and I learned something new. I learned about a new drink I didn't know existed. In one chapter the main character wants an orange Julius. So I looked it up on you tube and I found that orange Julius is a
Oct 09
October 08, 2021
Dear Diary, There is nothing much to write about today, except that I have to clean my room later in the day. I have to organise quite a bit in my room. I think I'll put on the radio while I'm cleaning. I also have to wash my face mask. In nsw you
Oct 08
October 07, 2021
Dear Diary, Today I got a really weird email. "dear so huge" the email started . It must have been a mistake. I thought. I never made a profile with my name thought of as "so huge."! I read further and the email was about how they had updated the f
Oct 07
October 07, 2021
Dear Diary, Here is a funny story that happened to me years and years ago. When I was in my twenties. I was at the fish and chip shop buying some lunch with my dad, back when there was still a need for me to spend time with him. My dad had left the
Oct 06
October 06, 2021
Dear Diary, This afternoon I read a book and spent some time colouring in my adult colouring book. I would like to spend a whole day colouring and attempt to finish a whole colouring book in the day. Maybe Saturday or Sunday will be the best time f
Oct 06
October 06, 2021
Dear Diary, Today I did more studying. The workbook was about different ways you write dates such as for example- we had to write dates two different ways, like 1st January 2021 and 01/1/2021. There were quite a few things about the calender we had
Oct 06
October 05, 2021
Dear Diary,  today I just started studying for an English course. My caseworker from the unemployment office put me on the course. She let me choose between a retail course and an English course, so I chose english. I am unemployed at the moment. I
Oct 05
October 05, 2021
Dear diary,  I was checking my old diary entry and in one of my entries I noticed a spelling mistake. It says of instead of if.i don't think I have made spelling mistakes on any other entries though. 😊 Last night we had an Indian food called pav b
Oct 04