Arobi's Dear Diary

July 12, 2021
Dear Diary, hey how have you been? Goodmorning 🌷🍵. I didn't write yesterday because i had nothing to write yesterday. Cause it was just a boring day and i was kinda not feeling ok. But today i am fine. Yesterday after getting up i drank water. Th
Jul 12
July 10, 2021
Dear Diary,   Goodmorning🌸. Today i am writing lately cause i got up late. I couldn't sleep all the night. Idk, i am not having sound sleep nowadays. Ohh.. it's bad. My school is not opening since March, last year i mean 2020. I don't even  know
Jul 10
July 09, 2021
Dear Diary, are  you alright? i am doing good. You know, yesterday i tried to make some chicken buns. I did  it for the first time. But it turned out so good. My sis and me made those buns. I am very proud of us as we didi it without anyone's help😄.
Jul 09
July 08, 2021
Dear Diary, heyy. Goodmorning🌸😊.How are you doing guys?i am doing good. I got up late today. I tried getting up early today, but idk why my mind and body didn't support me in today. Yesterday I did the same works. Hmmm... everyday same works🙄
Jul 08
July 07, 2021
Dear Diary, hey.  Goodmorning🌸🌸. I am doing good. Yesterday i did my usual works. But in the afternoon i watched a Disney movie called "Luca". I loved it. I love every Disney movie😄😄. I watched the chinese Drama " put your head on my shoulde
Jul 07
July 04, 2021
Dear Diary, Heyy buddy how are you doing today? I am absolutely fine. You know yesterday i wasted most of the time by sleeping. I have no clue why i was so sleepy. I woke up at 7 am. Then after writing in this diary, i did meditation and yoga fo
Jul 04