Theonewithapen's Dear Diary

25/10: Umm...
DD,Hey love.I'm kind of pissed off.Too much studying to do and classes tomorrow but I don't wanna do anything. Don't wanna start my day and it has already been started. So idk.. Question: Is there any way to block someone here?  I don't want
Sep 25
September 23, 2021
DD,Hello love.Last night I met my my two friends last night.I was really happy to see em after 10 days. He waited everyday for me.It was kind of sad but I appreciate the efforts. It reminds me of that one thing I saw prolly in a movie or in an ad whe
Sep 23
21/10: 365 & Fresh
DD,So the story starts with 3 different perspectives. We see hyuna being a regular hairdresser. One night,a man came for a shave.While doing her job,the man began touching her inappropriately. So on a whim, hyuna *coughs* killed him. Yup. Hui on the
Sep 21
20/10: Average nice day
DD,Hello love.I'm going back to the old day-day writing style for now. I woke up at roughly 8.Was anxious in the beginning but quickly eased up. I have a new set-up now. Well the old tables and another to the back. I will have tp fix the existing bla
Sep 20
19/10: Recovering & simple joy
DD, Hello dear love. Going to the doc's yesterday, was actually good. I got to see the vast blue sky. Sky always makes me happy. It's like the whole sky is a familiar place and I can rest assured. Even though the appointment wasn't good, I still enjo
Sep 19
Doctors who don't listen
DD, As I aspire to be a doctor myself, I simply don't trust the people but I still believe in the system. Today I went to the long due appointment only to be disappointed. The doctor didn't wanna listen much,was asking vague questions. On top of
Sep 18
18/10: A storm rages...
DD,I cried a lot yesterday. Spending my days in anxious mood. I have some classes today. Or go visit the doctor. I'm really scared if I can make it or not. Pass the national exam or not...I'm also scared of the mental & physical burn outs I'm getting
Sep 18
17/10: A tiny dot called Destiny
DD, hello love. I just realized I have been writing my entry dates all wrong, Didn't realize it's september so the month is 10 not 09... Well heize had an album this year named "A tiny dot called destiny" If I remember correctly. This kind of hit
Sep 17
16/09: Life goes on
DD, A few years back, I had read a poem on the academics book. One day even if I'm not here, the rivers will still flow The seasons will still change. Moral of the story: Whatever happens, life goes on. It never stopped for anybody. Looking
Sep 16
15/09: Feeling very weak but that's alright
DD, I took some anti-histamine for the allergy. Yes allergy days. It has made me sleep a lot. And my body is barely holding up. T kind of has a new workspace now in a different room. Now I have all the solitary time for myself. It's a bit empty in my
Sep 15
13/09: Feels like a decade
DD,First of all, Thanks to the Almighty. I'm trying my hardest to stay grateful. My life is sure hectic rn but I'm happy. A subtle feeling everything is going to be alright if I just try my best. If I fail, there is always a second option. Another ye
Sep 13
12/09:Automatically pleasant
DD, So today turned automatically good even if I didnt get any sleep.Close to finishing that chapter. Small note: Robots don't possess the ability to overthink, feel anxious or rethink their decisions. That's how their calculations are precise and ac
Sep 11
11/09: History repeats itself
DD, Why am I standing on the exact same path I was on 2 years ago? 2019 much? Pressure, tension of potentially failing the exams, nerve-wrecking anxiety....Is it all my fault or was it thought to be like this? Fate? Sigh....I don't like where this is
Sep 11
10/09:Get used to it
DD, Did the revision of the maths, 09 vid lectures. Understood the concepts . Have to finish it tomorrow. Let's see what happens. I am alright tbh. Life cpuld be a lot worse right? A place to breathe, a roof over the head, 3 meals on the table.. is e
Sep 11
Day 2: Maxed out
Revised 36 nichè math, have to do 19 vid lectures of physics today. Yes, this is my life....rn,wanna cry my heart out. Fuck this shit.... Btw lisa released her solo...sigh~
Sep 10