Thegirlwithapen's Dear Diary

Happiness is a luxury
DD, Chasing luxury & comfort seems to be the most common in current world.Whether it takes blood,sweat and tears or your whole life just going after it.On average 24-45 are the years we engage in full time jobs,we build our own home,have a family & b
Jun 12
June 12, 2021
DD, sometimes everything goes so terribly wrong, you become used to it 😑 Then you become less surprised eventually.Aight Peace🍃
Jun 12
June 11, 2021
DD, update: my uncle is about to be hospitalized.His oxygen levels dropped to 90 from 99 in a matter of 3 days.At this point, I'm quite scared... I am well today,better than yesterday.Wish i could do something for him.Currently unable to....
Jun 11
June 10, 2021
DD, Update on my uncle: he & his wife both tested positive. People are heavily getting misdiagnosed with typhoid despite having cov.Same thing happened in this case as well. Currently he is supposed to be in a hospital.There were a few delays due to
Jun 10
June 09, 2021
DD, I did a 180° and started procastinating & facing health problems. Specially lower back, lower abdomen pain.I have no clue but some type of hints that it might be because of my horrible posture or my kidneys are deprived of water. We'll see what h
Jun 08
June 06, 2021
DD, today was my intentional weekend.A day I took to calm myself down & free from stress. Even though the first half, I was interested in making zoology resource note.I have taken a book to follow up for 15 mins a day.Anatomy & Physiology, a book of
Jun 06
Dear bestie,
If you don't do good on your upcoming exam of 14th I'm gonna gauge out your eyeballs ;))  ps.(I'm kidding, don't take stress)
Jun 05
June 02, 2021
DD, um hi! another day passing by. Did journaling & kind of worked today. Played rock,paper,scissors with my plants. Showered obv.New achievement unlocked.I watched a film today. "The age of Adaline" incredible movie starring blake lively.I've only w
Jun 02
A new low
DD, so basically I had a complete meltdown today. I don't even remember why. It started as an allergy rush, then I was terribly tired and frustrated cuz I had to sit down to either study or work. Then everything started to get downhill. So I document
Jun 01
May 29, 2021
DD,hi lovely I'm quite tired after doing 4 hours of physics.  Did some planning as well so my mind quickly felt tired.yesterday I went to the rooftops of them.Saw the vast sky.Also kind of a city vibe.Currently had a push from gov to do my
May 29
Blatant lies...
Bleed myself to deathOrdered papers from papertechFilled myself with greedAnd I don't know who to beSo I stumble all aloneScreaming in bedFollow your footsteps Oh,wait you're dead... Promise myselfI'd work another dayTurn off the lightsSwitching on
May 27
Çhoice/as usual
Don't ask me why i am upset todayMaybe tomorrow , or yesterday Don't ask me why i dont wanna sing todayDon't ask me why i dont wanna talk todayMaybe tomorrow or never Don't ask me why i didnt care todayMaybe i never did or never willDon't ask me why
May 26
Today's dq
Me no study  Me no care  Me go marry a millionaire If he die Me no cry Me go marry another guy                          -Rachel ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ XD
May 26
Music & a ramble about my day
DD, so B.I is coming back! Goddamn you have no idea how much I cried at him leaving ikon.His album is called Waterfall. I'm waiting in anticipation for the song "Numb".He really came back with a dark concept. Let's see how it goes. Found a new artist
May 24
Days that turn out good..
DD,so today was kind of mixed up between a good day or a very bad day.Ofc the day started glod because of aida.But it quickly turned into something else.Headaches,fever and loss of apetite during 4 pm to 1 am. However, hm let's name them "K" it stand
May 21