Daniellerox's Dear Diary

May 31, 2020
Dear Diary, do i really have to forgive the person took my grandparents life away from my family and me? no i dont think i forgive him because he took their life away... it already traumatized me on my mind. i wish i could lie about how my grand
Jun 01
May 31, 2020
Dear Diary, good bye, may 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ and tomorrows gonna be on june.
Jun 01
May 26, 2020
Dear Diary, its almost a week since my grandparents passed away, im still grieving, im crying off and on, that suckssss i couldn’t stop think about them that they passed away on the same day..... ): i dont know how to recover my grief dont tell
May 26
May 21, 2020
Dear Diary,  ive been crying off and on today... i fucking can’t believe that my grandparents passed away today this morning. they were killed by a murder enter their big house i don’t know how the fuck he entered my grandparents house, he killed
May 21
May 17, 2020
Dear Diary, kso i finish watched ‘dead to me’ on netflix with my mom. yeah dead to me have lots of the bad word and dirty scenes lol it was so awkward to watch the dirty scene with my mom on the netflix, the judy and steve relationship just remi
May 17
May 07, 2020
i wish my ex boyfriend would literally kill himself, i don’t feel so guilty when i wish he’s dead though he ruined my life when he abused me when we were in a relationship for five years off and on, i decided that i don’t want to be his friend any mo
May 07