First Entry


Dear June, (This will be your name <3)

Happy Thursday! My first diary entry, I guess. Just wanted to introduce myself and my life, so we can go on this journey together.

Hi, my name is Shay. Shay Lyon Barrows. Cool, right? I got Shay from my mom and it's a Scottish name that means Special Gift, I feel like a special gift to my mom because in college she was told that she was never gonna have children, and look what happened!

I guess I could do some Warm Fuzzies and Cold Prickleys about my day so far.

Warm Fuzzies:

  • Got to see my girlfriend (Adri) this morning
  • My grades are going up, slowly but surely

Cold Prickleys:

  • Super stressed about school
  • Overthinking stuff about me and my girlfriend
  • She's going on a trip for two days, but since she is coming back on Saturday, I might be able to see her during that day. Also, I'm really happy she is doing something with her parents, that's a good thing! So it's kind of a mix of warm and cold feelings! 

Until next time, I'll see you later June. 

- Shay