September 19, 2023


Dear Diary,

This seems like a stupid thing to do. To write an online journal that anybody could read. But I think that's the thing. 

Sometimes we feel like we want to stay hidden when all we want is to be found. Or in my case, to be read.

Maybe it would be useful to introduce myself. I mean as anonymously as possible. But then again, who cares.

I identify as a woman, I am in my mid-twenties (I know, sucks), I am in a longterm relationship with a man (I guess this is relevant information since I want to bitch about him). I live in a faraway country. So small that I'm pretty sure you never heard of. I work for a living. Nice job to be honest. I study, I read, I listen to Taylor Swift.

My family is a shit show sometimes but I feel like I don't really know who I am without them.

Basically, I am just a control freak, with personality disorder, pathological procrastinator with a need to people-please and who always wants to be alone doing nothing. 

And did I mentioned that I have ADHD?


Welcome to my fucked up mind.