The Birthday Celebration


Well, it didn't rain. And I just got back home from the festive gathering.

It was fun. But not very much. It wasn't a grand celebration, we just had a buffet dinner at a Korean restaurant. The food was sublime. And I didn't feel so out of place, either.

River is as cool in person as he is online. Easily my favourite boyfriend of Layla's. I like that we get along well. Although, to be honest, he kind of reminds me of Patch in the looks department..

I was sitting side by side with my university best friend, our bodies angled towards each other, and I stopped to have a thorough look at her posture and countenance. The bitch was blooming with radiance and happiness. And I'm so glad she finally found someone who treats her exactly how she wants to be treated, but at the same time..

"Aww, I can't have you all for myself now," I said in a small voice as I reached for her hand, pouting. She laughed at my comment and this caught River's attention who was stationed on the chair next to her.

"What?" the clueless guy asked in curiosity, leaning close from behind Layla and wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

"She said she can't have me all for herself anymore," Layla repeated with a beaming face from the laugh she just had.

"Yeah, I'd have to share you with this guy now," I added, throwing a bitter glance at her boyfriend.

With this, River deliberately gave Layla a gentle kiss on the cheek and uttered: "She's mine."

I watched the whole thing unfold before my eyes. I showed no sign of amusement and shooed the guy with my hand. "Go away."

They burst into laughter at my display of childish jealousy and broke apart.

The highlight of the night was when the restaurant blasted a remix of the Happy Birthday song and the staff members did a semi-circle around one end of our table and danced for the birthday boy. Legit, I thought they were just going to sing and hand River the birthday plate with the candle but they went extra and surprised everyone with their performance. It truly animated the entire place because they were so goofy and entertaining 🤣 The best part was when River shamelessly jumped in to join and started dancing with the waiters. It was so droll and the vibe was just exuberant.

After that, Layla wanted me to sleep over but I declined. They just recently moved to a new house and she still shares one room with her sisters because they haven't partitioned the chamber yet. By that, I mean: they all sleep on the same massive bed, including River, and I find that very uncomfortable.

Now I'm back in my own room in just my underwear and the feeling of serenity is just... ah, divine. 

Me: "Ugh, baka. The night was awful."
Lancelot: "Why?"
Me: "We got mugged by 5 men and could only afford one kimbap for River and some ketchup." (sends pic of the birthday plate)

Lancelot: "Wtfff."

Me: "I feel so bad for him."