March 18, 2023


Dear Diary, Now I realize I just loved on my own. You never loved me. I didn't accepted that earlier but I admit your words. Now I'll tell you, I don't love you anymore !!! I don't regret loving you. Since I did what made me happy. Being in love had given me happiness. And falling for the lie that I created in my head in the name of "being loved" had given me happiness. Just for someday. I give up. I'm done being slept under the lie that me and you created. I found me. And I also found that being me is useless in this era !! 

You people made me forget the real meaning of love !! 

What is love? 

I realized that caring can also be done without love. Then what is love? Someone who stays? Or someone who leaves? 

I regret only at one thing, being born as a good person. what hurting me now is "I can't become cold. Even though I become cold. I get hurt even more to push my warm heart. The flames are flashing red. It cuts the grey cover that I put. 

I filled with so much love. I found me. I'm the love I'm looking for. And not in anyone. I wish I could get someone like me. 🖤💙 

This life is so short. Let me love again :)

Me? Or someone like me? 🖤💙