February 26, 2023, I went fishing with my friend. This activity is my first fishing after the last time I fished about 1 month ago. I went fishing to the river which is approximately 1.5 km from my house on foot.

At 1.10 PM I came to my friend's house to ask him to go fishing. We went fishing at 1.20 PM on foot through the countryside. Arriving at the river, I assembled my rod and put the bait, then I started throwing my hook using the fishing rod. A few seconds later I felt a vibration on my rod. I pulled my rod slowly and found a fish had caught on the hook. This fish has a black and white pattern on its body and has a mustache in its mouth, we call it the uceng fish.

I caught the fish and released the hook from its mouth, then I put the fish in a container of clean water.

After that, I cast the bait and tried fishing again. And I got another fish. And so on. My friend and I fished for about 40 minutes. After that we went home with quite a lot of fish

Ahmad Yusuf Thoziri (02/X10)