March 16, 2023


Hi, introduce my name is Galuh Umi Salamah. I want to tell you a little about the experience I've had. This story begins before the semester break. At that time, my friends asked me to go camping together on vacation, but my parents refused to allow me because it was too dangerous. Then during the holidays, to be precise on Sunday, they suddenly asked to go to a place that was going to be used for camping.

On Sunday morning around 06.00 they told me to get ready to go. At 07.00 we depart from the house to Embung Bansari by motorbike. When almost approaching the location, the motorbike emitted smoke because it was too forced to go uphill with heavy goods. So we have to wait a while for the smoke to disappear. Once everything is back to normal we continue our journey. After arriving there we enjoy the beauty that is there and try some of the culinary delights that are there. When he wanted to return home, the weather suddenly became foggy, so he had to postpone going home until the weather cleared up a bit. We were able to go home at noon, so on the way we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. After we finished eating we went straight home.

Name : Galuh Umi Salamah (08) 

Class : x10