November 24, 2022


Dear Diary,I miss someone. I don't want to be loved. I just want to be with someone I love. That's enough for me. I'm not greedy. I miss him. Met a lot of people but nobody feels like him. 

He's probably happy somewhere. He really doesn't want me. He doesn't need me. 

But what shall I do? This heart always loves the one who breaks it. It hurts. I can feel the pain. It's so deep. But this heart still miss him. Miss the way he loved.. miss the way he cared.. miss the way he talk.. miss the way he look.. miss the way who he is really.. 

It can't accept the truth..  reality.. It must be a lie right?

Hey.. Just tell me it's a lie.. I'll come back to you.. I keep waiting for you. I'm trying to be cool. But I can't keep me cool all time.. I just miss you like hell. 

You are already gone? Right? Won't you come back for me? Tell me you loved me before? I want us back!!!:)