June 20, 2022


Dear Diary, Virtue signaling is everywhere these days. 

People are quick to post about the causes they care about, or the good deeds they've done, in an attempt to show others how virtuous they are. But is this really making the world a better place? Or is it just making people feel good about themselves?

Everywhere you turn it seems there's a new cause to virtue signal. Whether it's against racism, sexism, or climate change, everyone wants to show how passionate they are by posting about it on social media.

So why is virtue signaling an issue? At its best, it’s the low effort option for people who don’t want to actually take the steps to engage with a cause. It doesn’t require much, and subsequently also doesn’t do much to help anything.

At its worst, virtue signalers can actually impede the efforts of real, engaged activists who are trying to make substantial change.

We saw this in the infamous #BlackoutTuesday fiasco when a surge of people, eager to display their ally-ship for all their followers, ended up drowning out the #BlackLivesMatter Instagram feed with blank black squares rather than the useful information organizers were providing to protesters through their social media channels.

Once that trend got old, it was on to the next one and business as usual.

What was the result of #BlackoutTuesday?

The algorithm loved it I’m sure.

Wearing your cause on your page is about as useful as a logo. It identifies where you stand but how far are you willing to go for your cause? The ones I look up to were willing to either kill or be killed for their beliefs.

It seems the Dylan Roofs and elementary school shooters are willing to do the same.

But not your average online activist.

What purpose do these facebook profile banners serve anyway? Is it a way to keep tabs on certain people?

Whitelisting even?

Gangstalking perhaps?

I don’t buy into someone telling me they believe in a cause and neither should you. It’s too convenient.

You can tell a tree by it’s fruit. You can’t gather appples from random trees with “i’m an apple tree” or “I support apples” signs on them.

Now I know that everyone isn’t called to be out in the streets and awareness is a big part of a “movement”

…hate that word btw. so cliche.

But action speaks louder than posts.

You believe in a cause? Do more than write a post. Start an online community of like minds. Organize something in your community, or help and organization that aligns with your cause.

Spend cash, that always helps.

But the virtue signaling to mask faults undermines so much.

But I don’t know

I’m still a fool.